The TransWild Alliance is a coalition of conservation advocacy organizations dedicated to reducing the impacts of highways on wildlife and natural resources. The Alliance supports member communication, coordination, partnerships, and information-sharing with the goal of promoting wildlife-friendly transportation policy and action.

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    Driving over the Snoqualmie Pass in Washington state are motorists doing more than just taking in the scenery. They are an expanding network of citizen biologists, seeing, noting and reporting wildlife - dead or alive. Members of the I-90 Wildlife Watch Program are keeping their eyes peeled for animals and road kill on I-90 to help agencies learn how best to design freeways to help drivers and animals avoid each other.

    Encounters on the road are sometimes fatal for people and almost always are for animals. The Washington Department of Transportation has replaced a confined concrete culvert under I-90 east of the summit with an expansive bridge that allows animals to pass freely under the busy traffic. The I-90 Wildlife Watch Program is designed to see if it will reduce encounters on the freeway while increasing a free flow of animal traffic below. To get the most information available, the program is recruiting I-90 regulars to add wildlife watching and reporting to the Snoqualmie Summit experience.


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I-90 Snoqualmie Pass Wildlife Corridor Project